Research Interests


I am presently interested in the design , analysis, and implementation of serial and parallel algorithms for matrix algebra problems. However, I have done other things.

I am presently looking at ADI, and have recently read a papers by Golub and also by Syzlid..

I am doing some computations with the method of lines for Hyperbolic Partial Diffferential Equations.

I have some work on Cyclic Reduction that requires more research.


Selected Publications

  1. "Upper and Lower Fredholm Spectra", (with R. Harte and T. Wickstead) Proc. A.M.S. Vol. 66 1977), pp. 309-315.
  2. "Theorems of Stein-Rosenberg Type III: Singular Case", (with R. Varga and M. Neumann), Linear Algebra and Applications, Vol. 42 (1982), pp. 183-198.
  3. "Power Compactness on Banach Spaces II", (with A. Klein, B. Scott, and B. Wadhwa), Journal of Operator Theory and Integral Equations. Vol. 7 (1984) pp. 10-26.
  4. "Floating Point Computation using Ada's Model Number", (with R. Burden), Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference on Ada Technology, U. S. Army Center for Tactical Computer Systems, (1986), pp. 38-41.
  5. "A Stable Method for the Incomplete Factorization of H- matrices," Linear Algebra and Applications, Vol. 129, (1990), pp. 143-154.
  6. "Extensions of SSOR," Linear Algebra and Applications, Vol. 139, (1990), pp. 67-87.
  7. "Algorithms for LU Decomposition on a Shared Memory Multiprocessor," (with Paul A. Farrell and Arden Ruttan), Journal Parallel Computing, 19(1993), pp. 925-937.

For a complete list see my vita.