Youngstown State University

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Grading Policy for Mathematics 1571


Course Title: Calculus I



Office Hours: T & Th 9;00 9:30, 3:00 3:30


Attendance and grading policy: Students are responsible for attending class, taking exams and keeping up with the material as covered in class. A website is maintained at that lists what was covered in each lecture and the assignments. If a student misses class they should seek out the website for what they missed.


Grading Policy: There will be four midterms ( 100 points each) and a two hour final ( 150 points). Grades will be based on a percentage of the points earned. The cutoffs are as follows:

90% - A

80% - B

65% - C.



Final Exam : Monday, of Finals Week, 3 - 6 PM