Youngstown State University

Department of Mathematics, Fall'2006

Grading Policy --- Math 2673 section 2244

Dr. John J. Buoni Office 1059 Cushwa Hall

Office Hours: MWF, 10:00 -- 10:50;

Homework: Homework will be assigned, collected, graded and mostly will
involve the use of a computer.
Maple Labs: Students will work in teams of 2(not 3) to complete the labs using Maple, some purely computational hand calculation. Approx 4 labs worth 5 points each will be given for a total of 20 points..

Tests: There will be 3 tests and a semi-cumulative final exam, each test will be worth 50 points and the final exam 75 points for a total of 225 points.

Project: Students will work in teams of at most 3, to complete a major project. ( 20 points)

Final Average: Your final average will be calculated as a percentage of the total points assigned.

Final Grade: Your final grade will be determined by
the location of your final average in the following
set of intervals.


Your final grade will be based on approximately 265 points.

90% or higher A
75% -- 89.99% at least a B
60% -- 74.99% at least a C
(all calculations are done to two decimal places)

The goal of this course is to abstract from one variable
( two dimensional calculus) to two variables
( three dimensional calculus). We will study
the same concepts as before but in 3 dimensions.