Math 2686H, Spring Semester, 2004

Summary of Grading Policy ( Adobe Reader Required).


Assignments and handouts for the course:

Week 7, Mon, Feb 23.Maple Project 4(in maple ), due Friday Mar 5, 2004.

Week 8,
Fri, Mar 5. 2.11 Assignment:

Spring Break Week Be SAFE

Week 9,Mon Mar 15 homework ex7(maple file)

Laplace Equation in spereical coordinates assignment due 4/2/2004 rescheduled 4/11

solution in (maple code) or (pdf format)

Integration of sin(x+y) due 4/2/2004

Polar version of laplace equation, derivation and maple code

Last day to drop with a W: Sat. Mar. 20.

Week 10, Mon, Mar 22. Missed due to illness

Week 11, Mon, Mar 29.

Test #2 Fri 4/2 (rescheduled for Wed 4/7 )
the silo and egg problem (maple code) or (pdf frmat)

Fri. doubleintegral in polars (maple code) or (pdf format)

Week 12, Mon, Apr 5.

Wed April 7, test 2

Fri, April 9, test solutions in maple (maple format) or( pdf format )

Easter weekend.

Week 13,

Mon Apr 12

Triple Integral assignment Text P. 1204 Ex. 21, 23, 25,27,29

Wed Apr 14

some maple solutions of assigned problems (maple format) or (pdf format)

the snocone problem

Assignment p.1215 ex 7,9,11,19,21,23

Fri Apr 16 The cylinders problem (maple)

The final project is due Friday 4/30/2003 the following Maple graphs may help

box in rectangular, box in sphereical and box in cylinder


Week 14, Mon, Apr 19.

P. 1246 EX 7,9,23,25

P. 1255 Ex 5,7,9

P. 1269 Ex 9, 13,17

FRI 4/23 we will meet in the lab, please look at last weeks maple codes to view some examples of graphs.
cylinders etc


Week 15, Mon, Apr 26.

Final Exam on whole course sample1,(maple)

Are you ready for this Final Exam?

MONDAY, MAY 3, 10:30 AM